HELLO! I've been performing all over the country this month, from Tahoe, to the Deep South, to Torrance, Hollywood and Encino, it's been a trip. I've also been trying out some new stuff, and can't wait to share it with you all.

A NOTE: It's funny, I never intended for the updates to be the focus of the site, the plan was to build slowly from the background, and I still want people to view the site in its entirety rather than based on updates. Had a bizarre message from a former member that showed he didn't understand what I'm trying to do here, and that was disappointing.

Every teaching site is different, I like to focus on secrets we could lose if they're not recorded here. Secrets of the past that we can update and bring into the modern world. I like to focus on moves that WORK, tricks that WORK, routines that WORK, no FLUFF. Unlike a written book, that can be full of pipe dreams that simply don't work, I have to learn and perform every single item on this site. You get to see it done first, that's a powerfully different way to record and teach magic at this level and volume. The deep dives are important, we don't just record a bunch of methods for the sake of it, by looking at how different minds approach the same problem it expands our own creativity and pushes us to find the perfect method or methods for ourselves. The history is the most important part, we should celebrate those upon whose shoulders we stand. These are the goals of Magic On The Go, the true bonus being it's all available, hundreds of gigs of data, all available to you no matter where you are. I've forgotten a sequence before and actually listened to it in the car on my way to a show just to remind me of the flow! It's a bit weird, me teaching me, but I'm used to it now :)

OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS I'll be reorganizing the site to make it cleaner and easier to follow. And creating a tier system of skill level as well.

We have so much awesome material now available that's its kind of mind blowing to me how much was been filmed and uploaded.

THIS MONTH I'm hitting it hard, there's some things I need to post: We will start with - as promised - the crazy Nulli Secundus of Billy O' Connor. I've been frying magi in the Close up room of the Castle all this week, for a trick almost 100 years old it's a modern day killer. Later I'll post some performance footage so you can see how it plays.. I'm also posting more on The Pass, as well as my super secret finale to The Chocolate Box. Whilst that routine has yet to be released, the finale (as promised to Ken) uses a technique that you will find incredibly useful - and powerful. But first check out Nulli Secundus... SEE YOU ON THE INSIDE!

Thanks everyone
Steve V.

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    Ever since reading about this in an antique Davenports catalogue I have been fascinated by this high octane version of the Card to Wallet.

    I wanted this effect for the launch of my one man show back in 2015, but found too many inconstancies in the methods available ...


    Most of us know the Charlier as a one hand cut, a simple flourish, but here I show you full, unexpected power of the classic move.


    I use this ALL THE TIME. First learning the original method taught in EXPERT CARD TECHNIQUE, and then applying new bits from the book THE INVISIBLE PASS. This is Fred Braue's masterpiece, and I hope you take the time to learn it, trust me, it's SOOOOOOO worth it.